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    Hardware Workshop
    3-26-15 3:00 pm - Six Arms

    We are excited to announce that Hardware Workshop is coming back to Seattle on March 26th and 27th, 2015. For more details and official updates, see this link. Please sign up using the provided link below and not via Meetup RSVP. Hardware...

    Hardware Workshop Seattle
    3-26-15 3:00 pm - Six Arms
    Hack Things

    *** To attend, you must apply to participate at here. The incredibly popular hardware workshop is returning to Seattle! If you were one of the folks who got to attend last year, you know this is a high-quality workshop full of excellent content...

    Thursday Afternoon Games
    3-26-15 3:00 pm - Six Arms
    Capitol Hill Board Games Meetup

    Join us for an afternoon of games in Capitol Hill! This event is mostly focused on shorter, modern games that take 15 to 60 minutes to play and are easy-to-teach. Examples include Dominion, Splendor, Love Letter, Hanabi, and The Resistance. Not...