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  • Community Events

    UW Campus and Union Bay Natural Area 10k
    9-2-15 1:00 pm - Street Bean

    Walk will start on the second level of Roosevelt Square. Route will go the Greek Row and across UW Campus. Down to the athletic complex and by the Shell House where the Husky Clipper is displayed, 8 Man shell made famous in the book BOYS IN THE...

    Join us for an informal discussion group.
    9-2-15 1:00 pm - Street Bean
    For Better: Women in Divorce and Separation

    Please join Certified Financial Planner™ <a>Larissa Vidal</a> of Insight Financial Planning for an informal discussion group for women leaving significant relationships.  In a supportive and positive environment, talk about the emotional and...

    Seattle Writers Group - Daylight Hours WEDNESDAY
    9-2-15 1:00 pm - Street Bean
    Seattle Writers Group - Daylight Hours

    Want a chance to write during the day? Join us @ 1 p.m. Wednesdays in Belltown at Street Bean Espresso! [masked]rd Avenue. Seattle -- near Cedar) We'll write for 45 min. and then have 30 min. or so to share our projects or just chat. Please RSVP,...