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  • Community Events

    Friday Lake Union Run!

    Seattle Green Lake Running Group

    Have your Fridays been lacking a run?  Have you been wanting to explore the area around Lake Union?  Or maybe you're like us and you live near Lake Union and some days driving is too much. If this sounds like you, come join us for...

    Come speak, listen, and learn in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

    West Seattle Earlybirds Toastmasters!

    Join us this Friday! Our meetings are full of diverse, friendly, and fun people who always welcome guests and new members. You are most welcome to attend any meeting. RSVP to our next meeting as a guest to see how it works, meet members and other...

    Chat about Dev+Ops over Morning coffee/tea

    Downtown Seattle Friday Morning CoffeeOps

    Great community, great discussions, Lean Coffee-style meetup in Downtown Seattle. Hope to see you there. Thanks, Doug Ireton Sr. Engineer 1Strategy - AWS/DevOps consultantcy